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Jeremy's unique coaching approach falls outside the traditional norm. He utilizes a multifaceted strategy capitalizing on his experience with both executive coaching and leveraging the importance of health and wellness. Jeremy believes that without a strong foundation in health and wellness, executives are severely undercutting their optimal performance. To that end, the majority of executive coaching sessions are taken to the gym or outdoor setting. This combination of deploying executive coaching and wellness development in tandem has greatly assisted clients in removing the stigma of being involved in a traditional coaching session (e.g., behind the desk). By breaking away from the office environment in favor of a gym or hiking trail, clients benefit from a safe, relaxed, and collaborative environment. This environment creates a rapport and partnership where calculated risks and real growth occur. Additionally, most of Jeremy’s clients are not only better equipped in their current roles, but feel mentally and physically stronger. He likes to joke (somewhat) that all his executives are effective in their current roles, but also “hard to kill” or “gas station ready.”


Jeremy also holds a special affinity toward helping executives struggling with alcohol abuse. A recovering alcoholic, Jeremy knows all too well the struggles many executives face in managing alcohol consumption within the difficult terrain of high stress executive roles. He also understands that many executives are fearful of the possible stigma attached to alcohol dependency, thus many suffer in silence. As such, Jeremy offers confidential one-to-one coaching for these individuals seeking help who don’t want to go the more traditional route (e.g., AA, Rehab Facilities).

Jeremy’s targeted approach is tailored to each individual client, but most often encompasses a multifaceted technique blended between two foundational organizational development strategies: Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry. His Balance Approach to working with clients moves through a six-step collaborative process: (1) Demystifying, (2) Assessing, (3) Targeting, (4) Empowering, (5) Reassessing, (6) Celebrating or Recalibrating. Furthermore, Jeremy’s charge is to foster a deep collaborative relationship with clients and assist them in establishing double-loop learning, which instills executives with the tools to solve future personal challenges without assistance from an outside coach.


Ironically, if you never need Jeremy’s help again, he’s done his job right!














Jeremy Turner, M.S., M.A,


Principal & Founder

Jeremy’s work in Executive Coaching resides with a passion for health and wellness and leveraging it to improve leadership, engagement, team effectiveness, and peer collaboration. He has deep experience managing large teams, diagnosing organizational change needs, building curriculums, conducting executive coaching, and implementing strategic change solutions. He brings an open and practical approach, coupled with an intuitive perspective that has assisted global organizations based throughout the world including Manhattan, Boston, South & Central Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Bozeman, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Geneva, Switzerland, Monterrey, Mexico, Chengdu, China, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Paris, France. 

Whether the role is in formal leadership or that of a consultative capacity, Jeremy’s driving force has been to work with executives in leveraging a wide array of organizational design, development, and change strategies to attack complex challenges. His 20+ years of experience is grounded by dual Masters degrees in Business Psychology and Education. This is complemented by gold standard certifications in the health and wellness sphere including Certified Personal Training (CPT-NASM), Certified Nutrition Coaching (CNS-NASM), and as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES-NASM) with The National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, Jeremy is certified as an Exercise Nutrition Practitioner (Pn1) with Precision Nutrition. 

In addition to his work in organizational development, Jeremy has held numerous leadership roles throughout his career. He has leveraged his success as a leader to coach executives through challenging scenarios. Most recently, Jeremy worked with The Boys and Girls Club of America corporate office as an Organizational Development Director, where he was charged with oversight and executive coaching of CEOs in the Southwest and PacWest region. Before this, Jeremy was recruited nationally to serve as the Founding Executive Director/Lead Organizational Consultant for Six Degrees Capital to spearhead the Emerald City School project in downtown Seattle, a leadership role creating the organization from its genesis. Prior to his role with Six Degrees Capital, Jeremy served as Director of Supplemental Educational Programming for Meritas Family of Schools (now Nord Anglia Education-both for-profit organizations), a grouping of private college preparatory schools based throughout the world. In this role, he provided management and support of over 100 employees, coached Executive Directors globally, developed and implemented policies and regulations company wide, and provided learning development initiatives to all aspects of the organization. Prior to his time with Meritas, Jeremy served as Executive Director of Lighthouse Point Academy. During his tenure there, he spearheaded a change process that transformed the organizational design and dynamics, resulting in a 20% revenue increase and corresponding five-year strategic growth plan. Under his leadership and guidance, Lighthouse Point Academy became recognized as one of the top schools within a highly competitive South Florida market. Prior to that, Jeremy was recruited for and found success in building learning and development programming from the ground up at The American School of Paris and served as a Learning Specialist at The American School of Rio de Janeiro. 


Jeremy resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with his wife and three dogs. In his free time, he loves to be in the gym clanging and banging or outside in nature hiking with his Golden Retriever, Walter, his Chocolate Lab, Elliot, and his Black Lab, Tacoma.  



Before his arrival, our first attempt to establish programming was a failure and valuable confidence and momentum were lost. It would take an astute, passionate, articulate person to turn things around. In Jeremy, we found that person and he far exceed what I thought was possible. Jeremy has achieved his success because he has the natural ability to lead. He has energy in all that he does. He takes his work seriously while understanding the need for a good laugh. All the people here admire him for his candid, frank thoughts and his willingness to speak out when he notices “the emperor without clothes.” On a personal level, I like Jeremy tremendously. I mark someone’s tenure with us not so much by the number of years, but by the impact they make during their time with us. Jeremy has probably made the biggest impact in the shortest period of time that I have witnessed in my 25 years with the organization. What he has started, I can only hope will continue. I doubt very much that I will successfully hire anyone as talented and committed as Jeremy. In the end, I am just thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him for a two-year period.

AH- Paris, France

Our organization is a new “start-up” in Seattle, which likely presented different challenges for Jeremy from his past extensive leadership positions at large and well-established organizations across the globe. Building a school from the “ground up” is not an easy task, but in a few short years he was able to successfully establish, run, and bring the school into the Seattle spotlight as a premier school. There is no doubt that his passion, commitment and ability to inspire others played a role in our success. However, Jeremy was also able to draw upon his solid and extensive knowledge and skills in budget management, facility planning, human resources management and strategic planning. His in-depth understanding of legal mandates, curriculum development, and evaluation processes further contributed to ensuring the success of the organization. He is a coalescing force that brings people together to achieve common goals and high standards. He does so through the creation of a supportive and collaborative environment where all feel valued.

MR- Seattle, Washington

Of so many stories to illustrate Jeremy, here’s one that really captures the spirit of the man. Our organization faced a leadership transition at one of our schools in Chengdu, China. We anticipated a huge turnover in personnel and internal policy adjustments were long overdue. These problems were way outside Jeremy’s job description, but he seemed to us to possess the leadership skills necessary to make a quick assessment of the situation and to communicate in a forceful and effective way with the community, and to restore confidence in our organization. He spent over two months there, living out of his suitcase, working long hours every day, yet his work was an unqualified success and he saved our school there. I know of very few people who would have taken this job on, and even fewer who would have succeeded at it against such long odds, but whether out of a love for challenges or a rare sense of duty, Jeremy took it on. I’m now retired, but if I could start all over again, the first person I’d go after is Jeremy Turner. He’s also fun to be around.

DVH- Chicago, Illinois

Jeremy conducts himself as a man of strong character, sound ethics, high intelligence, a strong work ethic, appropriate self-assurance and decisiveness, the ability to work well with others, a commitment to the profession, an appreciation for diversity, a desire for continual personal/professional growth, and the ability to see the big picture, while simultaneously paying meticulous attention to detail. He gave unstintingly of himself to our organization. On the basis of my many years in the profession and the opportunities that I had to work with Jeremy, I consider him to be a top echelon performer. I give him my highest recommendation.

TM- Miami, Florida

We were demoralized. A crisis of leadership had left us cynical. Then Jeremy arrived. He listened. He elicited. He had insight and he had the wisdom to recognize insight when others offered it. He rolled up his sleeves and he put himself at our service. A few days after his arrival, I found myself in a room with two colleagues, starting off on another familiar round of complaining about leadership....but instead I found myself saying 'Hey, guys, maybe we need to give this new guy, Jeremy, a chance.' And we did. And I was right. Jeremy brought out the best in us. He leads by collaboration. He is the best I have ever seen at organizational diagnosis, collaborative plan building, negotiating buy-in, and doing the work of keeping the feedback flowing as the plan falls into place. Jeremy is relentlessly positive and he has the problem-solving skills to back it up.

BC- Chengdu, China

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